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Business Tax Preparation in the Arlington, Bartlett, TN Area

Prepare your business taxes with confidence

When the time comes to file your business taxes, are you sure you won't make an error? Filing taxes is stressful. To avoid making a mistake with the countless forms that must be submitted, hire Patrick J. Garety Jr. CPA. We provide business tax preparation services that Arlington, Bartlett, TN area business owners can trust.

Our local CPA will help you with the following forms:
TN Personal Property Tax Assessments | TN Municipal and County Business Tax forms | 1099_MISC | Payroll Processing Assistance (Employee W-2s) and related IRS 941 and 945 Forms | TN Sales Tax forms | TN Franchise and Excise Tax forms | TN Secretary of State Annual Report form | TN SUTA forms | IRS Sub S, Partnership and LLC tax forms

Limited bookkeeping service available

To learn more about the business tax services we offer, contact the office of Patrick J. Garety Jr. CPA today at 901-949-3215. Easily accessible from Bartlett, TN.

Do you qualify for the following business tax incentives?

As a business owner, you might not be familiar with all of the incentives available to you. Don't miss out on this opportunity to save money. Schedule a tax consultation in Arlington, TN today to see if you qualify for any of the following incentives:

  • Job Tax Credit
  • Fast Track Jobs Training
  • Fast Track Infrastructure Development
  • Community Resurgence Jobs Tax Credit
To learn more about these tax incentives and to see if you can save money on your taxes, contact Patrick J. Garety Jr. CPA today. Easily accessible from Bartlett, TN.